With Due Respect, We Remember Our Deceased Members

Members of the Executive Board

  • Prof.Dr. Enver Kurdoğlu (1911-1977)
  • Ali İmer (1918-1986)
  • Kıymet Tesal (1918-1988)

Members of the Consultative Committee

  • Mithat Fenmen (1916-1982)
  • A.Adnan Saygun (1907-1990)
  • Bülent Tarcan (1914-1991)


The establishment story of the  Sevda-Cenap And Music Foundation comes in three development phases going back to 1940’s. Following the Sound and String Association which was founded in 1940 with similar aims of today’s Foundation, the Sevda-Cenap And Music Facility came into being in 1965 after the abolishment of the former and in 1973 Sevda-Cenap And Music Foundation was established.

The Foundation has three organs such as the Head of the Executive Board, the Executive Board and the Consultative Committee. The first Head of Executive Board was Cenap And and the members were A. Cevza Başman And, Prof. Dr. Enver Kurdoğlu, Osman Anıl, Mehmet A. Başman, Uğur Sevindik and Ali İmer.

The first Consultative commite was chaired by Cenap And’s valuable friend A. Adnan Saygun and members of the Committee were Bülent Tarcan, Mithat Fenmen, Suna Kan, İdil Biret, Gürer Aykal, Samim Bilgen, Hikmet Şimşek and representatives of the Ministries of National Education and Culture.


The main aim of the Foundation is to serve with all it’s potential, to the promotion, adoption and develeopment of polyphonic music in our country. The following main events realised to serve this aim since the establishment can be listed as:

  • To promote the works/music scores archive of the Turkish composers
  • Production of longplays, cassettes and CD’s
  • Printing of music books and scores
  • Scholarships to talented music students
  • Various competitions and awards;
    • Young Musician of the Year
    • Antonio Lauro Guitar Biennial
    • Choir’s Fair
    • Ankara Citadel Festival
    • Composition Competition
    • Symposium
  • Educational Work
  • Concerts in Turkey and abroad
  • Academic Meetings
  • Various support and donations
  • International Ankara Music Festival 

The Foundation realises all these activities by using it’s own resources except the International Ankara Music Festival which is supported by sponsor institutions.