Cenap And

Cenap And

Mehmet Cenap And, the son of Emine Hanım and Mustafa Bey, was born in Vidin, Bulgaria on 2 February 1894.

He completed hie secondary school education at the Kabataş High School in 1911. He studied Civil Engineering, Trade and Economy in Germany between 1915 and 1924. On his return to the country, he worked in the Tradesman Bank and Türkiye İş Bank.

He married Sevda Tunalı, the daughter of Tunalı Hilmi and in 1929 they founded the first private Turkish wine facility up on the wineyards they bought in the hillsides of Kavaklıdere. He als attended the Faculty of Law and graduated in 1938. His interest in music led him to join and assume an active role in the Sound and String Association as the Secretary General where he worked with N. Şazi Kösemihal, Mithat Fenmen, Sabahattin Eyüpoğlu, Halil Vedat Fıratlı and Lico Amar, chaired by A. Adnan Saygun. He made inkind and material contributions to the Association.

Following the death of her musiclover wife in 1958, music became the sole aim of his life. As a result of his  active ventures to promote polyphonic music in our country and as a guardian of arts, named after his deceased wife, he founded the Sevda-Cenap And Music Facility in 1965.

In 1968, Cenap And married Cevza Başman, the daughter of Avni Başman, former Minister of National Education. The music facility gathered speed in its activities and in 1973 Sevda-Cenap And Music Foundation was established by the personal donations of the Cevza-Cenap And couple. A. Adnan Saygun was authorised as the lifetime Chairman of the Consultative Committee.

Cenap And died in Ankara on 4 April 1982.

His “guardian of art” principle continues via the activities of the Foundation that he established.

Sevda And

Sevda And

Sevda And was born in Geneva in 1902. She is the daughter of a Swiss mother and Tunalı Hillmi Bey who was one of the first MP’s of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

She received her training in Switzerland and met Cenap And there and after their marriage in 1928 they settled in Ankara.

Sevda And has been the major supporter of her husband in every field. During the first years of the Republic, in a period when women did not have sufficient contribution to business life, she assumed a very active role in the foundation and development of Kavaklıdere Wines. She was also closely interested in polyphonic music and as member of the Sound and String Association, she pioneered in important musical events organised in the Capital.

In concerts of famous musicians of the period, organised by the association for the Ankara musiclovers, the And House of the Sevda-Cenap And couple became the venue. Today’s famous musicians such as İdil Biret and Verda Erman gave concerts as “child artists” at the And House.

Sevda And’s lifetime which started in Switzerland in 1902 came to an end with a traffic accident in 1958. Sevda And has always been known by her support to polyphonic music. Thus, her friendship to music continues by means of the activities of the Foundation named after her.

Ayşe Cevza And

Ayşe Cevza And

Ayşe Cevza And is the founder member of the Sevda-Cenap And Music Foundation with Cenap And.

She was born in Antalya in 1919 as the daughter of Hüseyin Avni and Ümmü Gülsüm (Başman) couple who had assumed the duty of being educators in line with their ideals. She lived in Mersin, Tavas and Samsun and then finished primary and secondary schools in Ankara and then highschool in Erenköy. She started her university education with language training in Germany due to her fathers appointment, continued with mathematics in France and finally attended the İstanbul University, Faculty of Letters, French Literature Department.

She chose teaching as her career just like her parents and served at the İnönü High School for many years. In 1968, she married Cenap And. She became a supporter for the realisation of the ideals of her husband and made great contributions to the development of Kavaklıdere Wines and the establishment of the Sevda-Cenap And Music Foundation.

Following the death of Cenap And in 1982, she assumed reponsibility both in the wine company and the Foundation and followed the ideals of her husband. She made the Kavaklıdere Wines Inc. one of the leaders of the sector in Turkey. She institutionalised the Sevda-Cenap And Music Foundation by increasing the activities along with the aims and started the International Ankara Music Festival.

6 December 1988, the date of the 15th year anniversary celebration of the Foundation, also  became the last day of her life.