The social inclusion activities of the Foundation was first introduced in 1994 with “ Starting and  Spreading Music Education During Childhood” project. These activities, which started with Akyurt Children’s Choir, distintively increased and developed within nineteen years.

The working groups functioning that give priority to children who don’t have access to music are:
Akyurt Children’s Choir, Ankara Citadel, Gökay Children’s Choir, Ankara Children’s Training Home, İlgi Association of Protecting Autistic Children, ODTU İlkyar Foundation, Dr. Nusret Arsel Education Centre Children’s Choir, Sevda-Cenap And Music Foundation Project Children’s Choir, Street Children Choir, Social Services Children Protection Instution.

As of 2012, the Akyurt Children’s Choir, ODTU İlkyar Foundation, Devinimler, Joy of Living Dance Company, Folksong Friends and Republican Choir continue their studies.

Since 2009, via the joint work realised with the Community Volunteers Foundation during the International Ankara Music Festivals, the active intergration of young people to music life have been realised.