Akyurt Children’s Choir was founded in the spring of 1994 with a group from the students of Akyurt Elementary School. The first trainings were given by Fatma Bildiren and Neslihan Alpuğan and the choir gave it’s debut concert in June same year. The choir has been working with and conducted by Pınar Alpay Yüksel since November 1994. The choir won the second award on 22 April 1996 at the Children’s Songs Choir Competition organised by the Ankara Directorate of National Education.

The choir realised its first recording in May 1996 at the Ankara Radio and participated in the Turkish Choir Fair organised between 24-26 May 1996. They were awarded with the Presidential Symphony Promotional Prize in the category of Choir Discipline and Stage Sympathy Look Achievement Award. The choir continued to participate in this fair then onwards without a break and won eight other awards including “Success in Interpreting Children’s Songs” and “Success in Interpreting Works with Solo”.

The choir was awarded by a medal in 2005 for participating in the fair ten consecutive times. The choir gives morale concerts at the hospitals and also participated for four times in the award giving ceremony of “The Productive Employee, Employer and Businessman of the Year”  organised by the National Productivity Centre. The choir participated in the “Miskolc Chamber Choir Festival and Szerencs Choir Festival in Hungary between 19-22 May 2000 by giving four concerts and received appreciation with the folk songs and animations included in its repertory.

In 1999 and 2000, the choir won the Accompany Work Interpretation Award at the Interschool Painting, Music, Theatre and Culture Fair organised by the Governor’s Office. In 2000-2001 Culture Fair,  the choir won the Intonation-Homogeneity-Choir Tone, Choir-Conductor Harmony in Interpretation and Repertory Quality and Richness Awards. Akyurt Children’s Choir was also one of the members of the “Hope 2000 Children’s Choir”. This choir was founded by Reyhan Bezdüz, the Conductor of the Mersin Opera and Ballet Children’s Choir and it was formed by six children’s choir from five cities which gave concerts at the earthquake regions with the aim of sharing the sorrow of the earthquake children and reducing their sorrow via music. The choir was part of the TRT Polyphonic Choir on the occasion of the Foundation’s Gold Medal Ceremony submitted to composer and educator Faik Canselen. The choir gave a concert with Yıldız İbrahimova during the 22nd International Ankara Music Festival.

The Akyurt Children’s Choir gave more than seventy concerts since it’s foundation and has been watched and appreciated by the President in specific as well as other high rank government officials during the concerts at symposium openings, award ceremonies and special occasions.

Apart from giving music training to children, the choir also contribute to their social and cultural development. First, İnci Baykara and then Nalan Olgun, Ayça Nur Kip Akyol and İlknur Özal Göncü gave considerable support for the success of the choir.