The 4th Ankara Citadel Festival took place between 4-6 June 2010, organised jointly by the Altındağ Municipality and Sevda-Cenap And Music Foundation. The Başkent citizens had to opportunity to watch lots of pleasant activities such as concerts, exhibitions, interesting dance shows,  arts crafts, long play listenings, Seğmen dancers and the  Janissary Band at the historic and touristic venues of the Citadel.

The Sevda-Cenap And Music Foundation Concerts within the framework of the 4th Ankara Citadel Festival began with the concert of the SCA Music Foundation Women’s Choir at the Main Stage. The choir founded on 17 November 1999 with the aim to promote and develop polyphonic music, is conducted by Cihan Can and gives concerts both in the country and abroad.  The choir, formed by women from every age and profession, came infront of the audience with a repertory ranging from musicals to polyphonicicaly arranged folksongs.

On 5 June Saturday, the first concert at the main Stage was given by JM Ankara Children’s Choir. The choir established on 16 September 2006 by Sevda-Cenap And Music Foundation as a member of Jeunesses Musicales International was conducted by Fatma Bildiren and gave a very pleasant concert.

The concert of the Arctic Light Choir brought to Ankara jointly by the Foundation and Concert Sweeden was an activity that fitted the historic texture and acoustics of the museum very well. The members of the choir after touring the Citadel and the museum stated that they had great pleasure to sing in a magical atmosphere. Their concert was watched and admired by a crowded audience of locals and foreigners whose majority were from the world of choirs.

The choir comes from the Norrbotten region of Sweeden famous for its Northern Lights (aura borealis). The choir received the most prestigious award of Sweeden “The Choir of the Year 2010”. Arctic Light Choir was founded by their conductor Susana Lindmark in 2004 and members are 16 young ladies, ages varying between 15 to 25 living in different cities of Sweeden. The choir also gave a workshop at the Hacettepe University Ankara State Conservatory. The choir reflects the regions specific geography, traditions and the Northern Lights to their music. They performed Sweedish folksongs and new works with national touch with the rhythms of the Nordic countries sometimes accompanied by  percussion, saxophone and choreography.
On 6 June Sunday the bright morning sunshine turned into a stormy and rainy weather and made a bad surprise to the Ankara citizens. As a result, the concert of Folksong Friends Choir was postponed due to rain. The choir was founded jointly be the Foundation, SHÇEK and Behice Eren Children and Youth Centre conducted by Yavuz Canpolat.

Vokal Turkuaz was the second guest of Sunday. The group working under the umbrella of the Foundation formed by amateur and professional musicians was founded in April 2009 and conducted by Ayşegül Selek Ülkü.

The Festival came to end with the concert of Başkent Chamber Orchestra held at the Anatolian Civilisations Museum. The orchestra accompanied cello player Ali Doğan conducted by Eren Başbuğ. The orchestra was founded on 1 December 1964 with the aim of making music together and without a break they have given concerts, participated in festivals, went to schools and university activities, made radio and tv  programmes for 46 years.

The orchestra aims to reach wider audiences and promote works of the Turkish composers. The orchestra, which received great interest specifically from the foreign guests. They provided the opportunity, to step on the stage for the first time, to 90 young soloist and 20 young conductors.